Amazon Prime Video coming to Apple TV

The devices will also have what Apple is calling the "most advanced displays on the planet" that are "smoother, crisper and more responsive". In addition, the company brought major updates to other OS, such as new Siri face and Gym Pairing in the new watchOS, adding Amazon Prime Video to the tvOS, as well as enabling tracking prevention within Safari to protect privacy in the new macOS.

Apple also showed off new features for its iOS mobile software and lots of other fun stuff. For the full list, however, make sure to check out our full iOS 11 new feature writeup. Obviously, they also come with new animations that play when you lift your wrist.

Apple wasted no time before talking about Apple Watch at this year's WWDC 2017.

Apple devices will support multi-room audio, so you can rock out to music on speakers spread out around your house.

Apple's put together a guide that will take you through the most important things to know about the first version of the iOS 11 beta and you'll want to take a look before you take the plunge.

Indeed, it's not exactly a well-kept secret that Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 will feature wide-ranging support for augmented reality features.

Soon, Apple will introduce a new iPhone feature that will do away with that annoying - and risky - urge to look at a text message while you're driving.

As Apple's senior VP of software Craig Federighi explained during the WWDC keynote, Apple Pay's P2P functionality will allow people to send and receive money from anyone in the default Messages app who is also running iOS 11.

The company's App Store, which receives 500 million weekly visitors and has seen 180 billion downloads in its nine-year history, was also given a redesign.

Apple has finally unveiled its answer to Amazon's and Google's smart speakers slash digital assistants - and it's called HomePod.

Amazon's Echo speaker has been a sleeper hit.

"New indoor maps of areas like malls and airports indicated that Apple might be laying groundwork to display information over images of those places in the future". Part of its success has been due to Amazon's willingness to let external developers create "skills" for the assistant. The Apple TV app will presumably have the same limitations.

Today, Apple also introduced new summer band colors, giving customers more options than ever to express their personal style.

Apple's also expected to unveil a voice-activated, internet-connected speaker to rival Amazon's Echo and Google Home. Google already tries to be proactive with its Assistant on Android phones and Google Home speaker.