ABC is off and running with NBA Finals

"I don't know", he said. Curry, who is 6 feet 3, had more rebounds in Game 2 than Thompson has in two games. The issue is that everyone knew the Jazz, Clippers, Celtics and Wizards had no chance of getting past the top team in their conference, so they were really playing in a consolation tournament more than they were competing for a title.

It's not an enviable position to be in, not even going home, where the Cavs have been so strong all year long.

"You understand the things that you can't control, they're just kind of boneheaded plays", he said. Every single thing that Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant do is adored to no end by ESPN. LeBron James was asked about this today and gave no indication that the obvious adjustment will be made. To me it's a miracle that it's even a possibility. Second, even with the double dribble, Curry never lost LeBron.

Curry has been either equal or just a bit behind Durant in terms of production. He missed by a split-second. This is a business, as we're so often reminded, and being successful in this business means winning as much as possible.

This is only the second trip to the Finals for Durant, a former MVP. And we take pride in it, we care about it. I just want to win four games. The Cavs looked deflated after getting beaten down again by the Warriors on Sunday. If you create this player and you can do everything you want to do, you are probably going to create Kevin Durant.

James is averaging 28.5 points, 13.0 rebounds and 11.0 assists in the series - the man he's been guarding, most often Durant, has gone 17-for-27 from the field over two games - but he hasn't gotten almost enough help at the offensive end. The Warriors held a 2-0 series lead in the Finals that year as well, before falling to the Cavs in seven games. They had a 3-1 lead over Cleveland in last year's Finals before the Cavs stormed back to win it in seven games. After the cap soared to a little over $94 million a year ago, and thanks to the max contract keeping superstars wages down, it gave Golden State the ability to sign Durant, whereas before only a handful of teams would have been afforded that luxury. And bravo to Pierce for delivering a hot take that may draw a response from LeBron.

This should come as no surprise given my preference for the National Hockey League, but throughout the spring one fact was acknowledged: Yes, the National Hockey League playoffs once again have been great, and the NBA postseason has been mostly awful, but once the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers dispatch of their vastly inferior competition, the NBA Finals will be a must watch.

If the Cavs lose, there will be no repeating as National Basketball Association champions.

"I think it was the nature with which they won that game, the force that they brought", Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. Call me insane, but I just don't agree.

"In fact, I think sometimes (the Cavaliers) don't get enough credit for how well they played Games 5 through 7". I know the offense gets most of the attention but our players, they work at it, collectively, individually.

A year after the Warriors' Game 3 loss to Cleveland gave way to a stunning Finals collapse, they recognize the importance of building on a 2-0 series lead. He would forever be labeled a shadow.

How would they stake up against arguably the NBA's greatest player and his team? How come there has been no talk of Curry's competitiveness?

Thompson's also posted the best scoring game of his young postseason career - tallying 20 points against Boston, going a ideal 7-for-7 from the floor to go with nine boards, two blocks and a pair of steals.