Best New iOS 11 Features

The online Apple Store is now down fuelling speculation of the products that might be added. And Siri is getting a more "natural" voice and a male counterpart.

"Now, we are taking everything we've learned from the App Store over the past nine years and putting it into a stunning new design", explained Schiller in a statement.

Google may not have found the success it dreamt of with Google Glass, but Apple is optimistic.

There's a good chance Cook will unveil Apple's latest iPhone operating system iOS 11 in addition to new hardware and software or updates.

Kuo believes that the speaker will be expensive than the Amazon Echo, which costs $179.

The report stated that the number of Americans using home assistants is projected to grow more than double this year. Both speakers can respond to voice requests for the news, weather and tasks such as turning on the lights.

With the Siri speaker, users would be able to get verbal responses to spoken questions about the weather, sports and other topics.

One of the leaks speaks of Apple's AR projects, codenamed "Project Mirrorshades", which are still in the early stages of testing and planned for a 2019 launch.

According to Apple, the Siri update arriving later on in 2017 will bring a new language Translation feature in beta, one that will be able to translate between a few major languages, such as from English to Chinese and English to Spanish. If some of the rumours are true, then Apple is more focused on making a unified ecosystem, where it could fit in its Siri-powered speaker as well. Apple didn't offer additional service launch details.

Apple Watch Series 2 (based on watchOS 3) was a much needed boost.

WWDC kicks off at 10am in California - that's 6pm in the UK.

The company looks set to unveil iOS 11 for the iPhone and MacOS 10.13 for computers, says AppleInsider, while version 11 of the the firm's TV box is expected to appear.

What will be the new Macbooks feature? Apple may also upgrade its 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro line-up at this event.

We will update this post with the correct URL when we find the right URL for the June Apple Event. However, hardware will also be a topic which will be discussed. If you've been Googling flights to Reykjavik, it might suggest an article about Iceland.

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