Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr returns for Game 2

Over the Cleveland Cavaliers' three consecutive trips to the Finals, across 246 regular-season games and a total of nine preliminary rounds to get there, Tristan Thompson's role has been honed to perfection.

(AP Photo/Ben Margot). Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant answers questions after Game 1 of basketball's NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers Thursday, June 1, 2017, in Oakland, Calif.

"Trash", Thompson said Saturday of his zero-point, four-rebound night as the Cleveland Cavaliers lost 113-91 to the Golden State Warriors. "You want to stay even-keeled and not get too caught up in what people are saying because then you get stuff that's unnecessary into your head".

"They play well at home", Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said.

"With the Warriors' fast breaks, I don't think it's when we take a shot - it's more our turnovers", he said. We've been here. The guys that were here a year ago understand it's the hardest thing to do is to try to close out a series and we've got two more games to go.

It was a near-perfect display by the Warriors and their 31 assists against just four turnovers highlighted how well they were passing the ball.

Durant finished with 38 points, 30 points in the first three quarters, 23 in the first half. Once during the first quarter, Durant toppled James as he blew by him, then drove in for a dunk.

In the first part of the clip below, you can hear someone yelling "Brick!" before Durant shot his free throw, and see the player staring them down afterwards.

Forget all the things that Cleveland did wrong offensively in Game 1, the poor shooting and the 20 turnovers and how the bench basically contributed nothing. For the second year in a row, they're down 2-0 in the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors.

"Effort, effort, yep", Kyrie Irving said matter-of-factly.

Not that they're discussing it.

When a superteam makes optimal decisions, no one stands a chance - not even the best player of all time and his Cavaliers.

"I'm just seeing a lot of bodies", Irving said. Once Golden State got rolling, it was a raucous celebration inside of the arena.

Never forget. As great as the Warriors have looked, and as outmatched as the Cavs appear to be, there's always that familiar fallback: The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead. just last season.

Golden State leads series 1-0. Guys like Draymond Green and Klay Thompson will make their presence felt on the offensive side, Steph Curry will be Steph Curry, and Durant will have a slightly less dominant yet still impressive performance Sunday night. "He was fantastic (in Game 1), and I expect nothing less in the rest of the games". "But they're a team you cannot - you can't let them go on runs".

Q: LeBron, do you just feel this is a case where you just have to defend home court at this point?

And after a team has been blown out in the playoffs, history shows that team typically tries to make a statement in Game 2 that things will be different.

"It gives us a lot of confidence", Kevin Love said. "That's something that I imagine Ty probably talked about [with the media] and we can definitely do a better job of". I can take those.

The Cavs watched film and vowed to get back to basics and the solid fundamentals that carried them this far, especially on the defensive end. Those are like pick sixes.

"That's like throwing the ball to (NFL hall of famer) Deion Sanders".