U.S. states and businesses will still meet Paris targets — Michael Bloomberg

  • U.S. states and businesses will still meet Paris targets — Michael Bloomberg

U.S. states and businesses will still meet Paris targets — Michael Bloomberg

Pruitt briefed reporters at the regular White House briefing on the President's Thursday decision to withdraw the USA from the Paris climate accords.

Trump formally announced his decision to leave the historic worldwide agreement Thursday after promising to take the action during last year's campaign.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says his foundation will fill a funding gap left by the U.S. "If we can, great - if we can't, that's fine".

Pruitt did not respond directly to a question about whether Trump believes human-caused global warming is a hoax, as Trump claimed during his presidential campaign, instead emphasizing the agreement "did put us at an economic disadvantage".

As the United States stepped back from its role as a global climate leader, it made room for others to take the lead - in particular, the European Union and China.

Charlie Baker and Phil Scott, the Republican governors of MA and Vermont respectively, announced that their liberal northeastern states were joining the Climate Alliance and committed to the goals of the Paris agreement, as did their Democratic counterparts in CT and Rhode Island.

Trump pulled the US out of the non-binding deal, which obligated the country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.

"This decision was backed by every country in the world apart from Syria, which is in the middle of a civil war, and Nicaragua, which wanted us to go further".

China, the European Union and India, which along with the United States make up the four biggest emitters of carbon dioxide, restated their commitment to the accord.

"They may feel good about the statements they're making, but it has little to no impact on the worldwide stage", Pyle said in a phone interview Wednesday.

"In the absence of leadership from the White House in addressing climate change, it is incumbent upon the states to take action in order to protect their residents", Malloy said in a statement.

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty will remain on the council, the company said on Friday as it reaffirmed its support for the Paris accord. Mr Brownlee refused to condemn Mr Trump's tearing up of the agreement, saying it was his right as President. That's the discussions I've had with the President.

Within the Trump administration, though, there was praise for Trump's decision.

Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt said it was up to other nations whether they would sit down to negotiate a new deal or engage on environmental issues.

Today, the future livability of our planet was threatened by President Trump's careless decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement.

In the last few months, Microsoft admits that it has worked in tandem with other American business leaders to plead the case of retaining a position in Paris Agreement.

"We will continue to lead", the letter promised. "That should be our focus versus agreeing to unachievable targets that harm our economy and the American people", Pruitt added.

"Our commitment to the Paris Agreement is unshakeable. Just the opposite - we are forging ahead", Bloomberg said in a statement released by Bloomberg Philanthropies. With U.S. companies pursuing green options and U.S. utilities phasing out coal-powered plants, she points out that the U.S. government does not control - or make - many of these decisions. And an authoritarian power such as China could take its place in the world's affections, making it tough for the USA to conduct its foreign policy.

"America is one of the two largest emitters in the world, along with China", he said. He added it is very challenging, however, to accurately measure the extent of human contribution to global warming.

The deal is partly legally binding and partly voluntary. Almost 40 countries pledged to shovel a total of about $10 billion into the fund to help developing nations reduce greenhouse gas emissions.