Trump climate deal: U.S. can fulfil pledges, says Michael Bloomberg

"If the president is going to be AWOL in this profoundly important human endeavor, then California and other states will step up", Brown said.

The 2016 study also emphasized that tacking climate change and global warming needed much more.

While cities can't individually sign onto or negotiate major worldwide agreements on climate change, they do have some authority over their own energy use, including setting efficiency standards for building.

He said: "Failure to meet the goals set out in the Paris Agreement will mean a future where flooding, violent storms and drought will be regular occurrences - as well as the knock-on impacts of food insecurity, starvation and an inevitable increase in climate refugees".

The Paris climate accord "would effectively decapitate our coal industry, which now supplies about one-third of our electric power".

Jeff Immelt, chief executive officer of USA conglomerate General Electric, tweeted: "Climate change is real". Cement makers say they use alternative fuels for 15 percent of their power needs.

The reality, however, is that the boom in energy jobs has come in gas, wind and solar industries.

West Virginia Coal Association Senior Vice President Chris Hamilton said U.S. withdrawal from the Paris accord would build confidence in United States mining and industry even if it wouldn't make major changes on the ground.

A spokeswoman for the Chinese foreign ministry, Hua Chunying, said China was ready to take a leading role in the fight against climate change.

Thursday night, Montreal City Hall was lit up in green, in solidarity with the countries still committed to the Paris climate pact.

Basically, Donald Trump never loved us, but his proverbial war on communities of color does not have to go unchecked.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon Mobil Corp, had supported staying in the pact. That means the accord would lead to a reduction of nine-tenths of one degree, not two. "Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world", Musk said in a Twitter post on Thursday.

New drilling methods have made gas cheaper, allowing it to replace coal in many USA power plants. Now, Exxon and others are gearing up to export more liquefied natural gas. India is already committed since climate change adversely affects our weather, agriculture, coastal regions, not to speak of unexpected and abrupt outbreaks of disease.

Bloomberg's donation will make up for the U.S.'s contribution to the U.N.'s Climate Secretariat, which aids countries in implementing the agreement. Both get financial backing from those who profit from the continued burning of fossil fuels. Airlines have been spending billions on new, more fuel-efficient planes - fuel is an airline's second-biggest expense after labor.

The Times covered its bets, for instance, by saying that "three administration officials with direct knowledge of the intense White House debate said early Wednesday morning that Mr. Trump was expected to withdraw", but "other White House insiders disputed those reports, saying that no verdict had been reached". "The (financial) objective is to be efficient".

A number of figures from US industry expressed their dismay at Trump's move.

Referring to "the latest unfortunate decisions of the new administration", Tusk said that the European Union and China had "demonstrated solidarity with future generations and responsibility for the whole planet" by reaffirming their climate change commitment. The World Resources Institute contends that those figures are misleading because the group based projections on an unnecessarily expensive route to achieving the 2025 targets agreed to under the Paris deal.