EU, China to reaffirm commitment to climate pact after Trump pullout

At home in the United States, Trump got a mixed reaction, with Republicans in Congress praising his boldness and rejecting what they called a "raw deal" for the United States.

Asked about Musk's resignation, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross told Fox News that "anybody who read the agreement and understood it would realize that this was not really about climate, this was about USA money going to other countries and it didn't solve the climate problem". Nicaragua and Syria are the only two countries that did not ratify it. "The U.S. should lead the global fight against climate change, not withdraw from it", the brand said in a statement. The Paris agreement set our planet on a sustainable course, and it made me more confident in the world we will leave our children and their children.

Bloomberg's plan calls for his foundation to work with other groups, from governments to philanthropies, that want to support the U.N.'s climate change agency.

He then followed up with an email to Apple employees in which he explained that he tried to convince Trump on Tuesday to keep the U.S. in the agreement, "but it wasn't enough". The U.S. was supposed to provide an additional $2 billion, but Trump has balked at that idea, and his proposed budget includes cuts to global climate programs.

Political cartoonists also took the opportunity to point out what sort of situation Trump was leading the world into by ignoring the real and present danger posed by climate change.

"We must try to keep the transatlantic relationship in a good condition, " he added.

Apple is hardly the only tech company strongly opposing Trump on this particular matter. In addition to Cook, the CEOs of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, HP, Intel and Tesla also asked Trump to stay in the agreement.

Cook's full memo follows below, as obtained by BuzzFeed.

Trump announced the USA withdrawal in an address at the White House on June 1, saying the accord "punished" the United States and would cost millions of American jobs.

The U.S. pledges so far - including the $1 billion already paid and $2 billion promised by the Obama administration - add up to $9 per American, compared to $60 pledged from every Swede and $50 pledged from each Norwegian. But it wasn't enough. "But as the president has acknowledged, certain elements of this deal were not equitable for USA manufacturers", said Ross Eisenberg, vice president for energy and resources policy at the National Association of Manufacturers, in a statement to Reuters. "Nothing can and will stop us".

And, two, while "India can double their coal production", the U.S. is "supposed to get rid of ours", Trump said about America's self-determined mitigation goal of cutting coal-based power generation and moving to other cleaner sources of energy. "American leadership on this urgent challenge is needed now more than ever", she wrote in an op-ed for Newsweek. "We have no right to snatch from our future generation their right to have a clean and attractive earth".