Corbyn vows to meet Merkel 'straight away' if he becomes PM

"I am confident that we can make a success of it because I believe in Britain, in our country and in our people".

Opinion polls show Ms May, from the ruling Conservative Party, ahead of Mr Corbyn following a month of campaigning, but the gap has narrowed in the past week. "She might be out there sizing up your house to pay for your social care", Farron joked, referring to May's manifesto commitment to allow elderly people to pay for care posthumously from the proceeds of their estates.

"It has affected perceptions", he said.

Immigration is one of the hot button issues of the election, an issue complicated by Bexit, the rights of EU citizens in the United Kingdom, and the European refugee crisis.

One woman becoming emotional as she described emerging from a fitness for work test in tears after being asked about her suicide attempts to which the PM said: "I'm not going to make any excuses for the experience you've had".

"I was very anxious because my husband has very bad health", she told AFP, adding that it may put voters off. "She was actually getting through to him but that one stumbling block over the dementia tax is [creating] a hesitancy", he said. The Conservatives now have 330 seats in parliament, and Labor 229.

Jeremy Corbyn has indicated that his "top team" of John McDonnell, Diane Abbott and Emily Thornberry will keep their briefs in a Labour cabinet if he wins next week's General Election.

In a speech at CJ Leonard & Sons, which sells digging equipment near the Yorkshire Moors, May emphasised her plans to improve skills for young people.

Betting that she would win a strong majority, Mrs May called the snap election to strengthen her position at home as she embarked on complicated Brexit negotiations with 27 other members of the European Union.

Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly claimed that a vote for Mr Corbyn in next week's General Election would result in a "coalition of chaos" with Labour propped up by MPs from parties like the Liberal Democrats, Scottish National Party or Greens. "She can't be bothered so why should you?" he told voters.

Mr Corbyn's drive to align Labour more closely with its socialist roots and eschew the pro-business centrist platform championed by three-time election victor Mr Blair has split the party.

A few miles away in south Middlesbrough, Labour's parliamentary candidate Tracy Harvey said May had little appeal to locals, who were concerned about jobs and public services. "Set free from the shackles of European Union control, we will be a great, global trading nation once again bringing new jobs and new opportunities for ordinary working families here at home", Mrs May said.

In a campaign speech in Teesside, she launched a renewed attack on the Labour leader, saying he would unable to negotiate the deal with the remaining 27 member states that the United Kingdom needed.

"He responded saying "it is a serious and realistic document that addresses the issues that many people in this country face and we've been fearless enough to put it out there with all the policies that are in it".

"The optics of Corbyn turning up to the BBC debate just as he finds momentum, and May avoiding it just as she is wobbling, will not look good [to voters]", Matthew Goodwin, a leading British political analyst, wrote on Twitter.