Israeli joy at Trump visit, but substance lacking

  • Israeli joy at Trump visit, but substance lacking

Israeli joy at Trump visit, but substance lacking

Trump had just visited Israel and the Palestinian areas.

How is it that despite all this dramatic backpedaling on Trump's part -- and the disturbing reports that he leaked top-secret Israeli intelligence to the Russians, sure to be shared with their friends in Tehran - the president's visit was still seen in Israel as an event to be celebrated?

Two weeks ago, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson explained to NBC that Trump is still evaluating whether the idea of moving the embassy would help or hinder chances for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

In Bethlehem, Trump said he was "truly hopeful" for an end to the decades-long conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, and added that goodwill from his visit would turn into peace talks.

"It's the first time the first lady has smacked a president since every day of Bill Clinton's administration". "This is the time, 50 years on from the Six Day War, to shake off the heavy burden of millions of Palestinians and ensure the continued existence of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state and homeland of the Jewish people for generations", he stated, vowing his party's political support for peace talks.

David Rubin, a former mayor of the Israeli city of Shiloh, says he was struck by Trump's kind feelings for Israel and he says most Israelis sensed that kindness, too.

Trump's stop in the Holy Land is marked with several historic firsts.

Washington announced a $110-billion USA sale of ships, tanks and the latest anti-missile systems to Saudi Arabia on Saturday as Trump began a two-day visit to the Gulf state before travelling on to Israel.

Can President Trump negotiate a peace between Israel and the Palestinians - or, as he called it, "the ultimate deal?" The proposed pact would lend security significance to the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative and make Israel more secure and defensible without controlling another nation.

Apparently, the Americans say that the Netanyahu cabinet's easing of restrictions on PA Arabs earlier this week, ahead of President Trump's visit, was not enough of a gesture. But it's clear that, if such a test existed, Donald Trump would not be president - which he proved at a press conference in Israel on May 22. In regard to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, Trump clearly wants to be an honest broker.

Al-Hayat al-Jadida said dozens of the striking prisoners were transferred to hospital, putting emphasis on striking prisoner from East Jerusalem, Samer Issawi, following deterioration in their health.

Trump's visit encouraged some Ohioans, including Ohio Jewish Communities Executive Director Howie Beigelman, who is based in Columbus. The ties of the Jewish people to this Holy Land are ancient and eternal.

"Our fundamental problem is with the occupation and settlements, and failure of Israel to recognise the state of Palestine in the same way we recognise it, which undermines the realisation of the two-state solution", Abbas said.

Trump came to power promising to be the most pro-Israel president in USA history. During his campaign, Mr. Trump, addressing the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), vowed to move the U.S embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a controversial plan that would imply recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.