Palestinians, Israel police clash at Jerusalem Old City gate

In a sense, Trump's avoidance of the two-state issue falls in line with statements he made in February during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Washington.

JOHN YANG: Do you see much reason for optimism that President Trump is going to get these talks, this peace process going again?

U.S. President Donald Trump met Wednesday with Pope Francis at the Vatican, underscoring the emphasis during his first foreign trip on the three Abrahamic faiths. But he could make the time to cut a nuclear deal with Iran so they could build a bomb and terrorize our allies like Israel in the Middle East.

"It was a great speech because he said the things he had to say and he did not say the things the other presidents usually took advantage of speeches to say", Tzachi Hanegbi, an Israeli minister and ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said after Trump's closing speech.

Under the deal, Israel will be allowed to upgrade most of its fighter aircraft, improve its ground forces' mobility and strengthen its missile systems.

Trump's meeting with Abbas took place a day after the American leader's historic visit to the Western Wall, the first such visit to the holy site by a sitting USA president.

"Peace is a choice we must make each day", President Trump said during a visit to the West Bank city of Bethlehem, where he reiterated his resolve to help mediate a peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians and sounded upbeat about its prospects.

It is important to note that Trump has previously used similar terms for some of his critics - whom he calls his "enemies" - including comedian Rosie O'Donnell, singer Cher, former presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove and journalist Chuck Todd to name a few.

Indeed, Trump has not referenced a "two-state solution" or a "Palestinian state" since he stepped foot on Israeli soil Monday afternoon, an omission which has raised hopes in the Israeli right-wing that Trump will not ultimately support either idea in his pursuit of a peace deal. The goal of Trump's trip, the official said, was "to do a lot of listening, build very strong relationships with all the different people, not just the parties involved, . and try to create a lot of momentum and optimism around the prospect for peace".

"It's not just the Saudis, its also the Emirates, also the Qataris, also the Iranians; they are all acquiring weapons, he said". His visit to the West Bank lasted around two hours.

During meetings with Netanyahu on Monday, Trump focused attention on the threat from Iran but also talked about the opportunities for peace in the region.

After Israel and the Palestinian territories, Mr Trump will head to the Vatican, and to Brussels and Italy for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and G-7 meetings.