Cavaliers' Tyronn Lue: 'I don't even think about' Warriors

His highness was fixed on the bench, the product of a career-first fourth foul in the first half.

"The importance of Game 4, especially the way we came out in Game 3, I was saying to myself, 'they cannot tie this series.' We could not go to Boston 2-2 and then it becomes nearly an even series", he said.

We've learned a lot about Boston, not just in this series but in the entire postseason. LeBron James picked up his fourth foul midway through the second quarter.

While Irving's scoring ignited the Cavs' comeback, it was made possible thanks to Cleveland's defensive effort over the final 24 minutes. And speaking of rare, even leaving aside the odds and the arc both teams were tracing, there are a few other things that should not have happened in Game 3, but did. Kyrie Irving. Kyrie, until that moment, had an quiet series in that it hardly felt as though he was on the court at times. Yes, Boston had momentum and there was a feeling that the game was starting to get away, but it was just so early. This deep three at the end of the third quarter was Curry-esque and the ideal cap to his one-man band performance that led the Cavaliers to their Game 4 victory that put them firmly back in control of the Eastern Conference Finals. Stevens started Kelly Olynyk, who had 15 points.

While Lue may view Boston's style as more hard to defend, the Warriors have a decided advantage over the Celtics by virtue of having three of the best scorers in the NBA: Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. When his 3-pointer splashed with a half-second left in the quarter, the Cavs led 87-80. Boston was getting great mileage out of Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley, who were valuing every single possession.

The Cavaliers' next moment stretches about three or four weeks in front of them now, in part because of the one Irving seized on Tuesday.

After a season-low 11 points in Sunday's Game 3 loss and despite making just one of his six three-point attempts, James scored 34 points on 15-of-27 shooting. He couldn't go a whole game without embarrassing someone, though, as Jae Crowder was his latest victim.

"I just don't buy in to LeBron James as just happening to be a harder worker than everybody else, just happening to have all this mileage on him starting at the age of 18...and somehow he's better at 32 than he was at 31, than he was at 30..."
Cleveland went on to win, 112-99, to take a 3-1 series lead with a potential closeout game in Boston on Thursday. Love has actually been putting up All-Star numbers all series. Thomas scored 29 points, had 12 assist and 2 rebounds. Resorting to that off-ball switch, though, is a better option for Boston than letting him reverse course and get a clean look from the short corner.

Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas prior to Game 2 against the Washington Wizards.

After the Celtics took their 16-point lead with James on the bench in the second quarter, James and Irving combined to outscore the Celtics 60-50 the rest of the way. He also rolled an ankle on a drive and bucket with 1:47 left in the third but was able to stay in the game. "Didn't look good, but (Irving) said he's fine, got back up, continued to play, made some big shots". But the club has covered in each of its past five overall as an underdog of 10 or more points, a streak that includes four straight ATS wins over Cleveland. Irving eventually finished with 42 points.