Microsoft Surface gets battery boost, better viewing angles

  • Microsoft Surface gets battery boost, better viewing angles

Microsoft Surface gets battery boost, better viewing angles

He pointed out that it harnesses what Microsoft has developed so far with the Surface Pro line-including the same iconic look and kickstand.

First off, Microsoft has used this revision to officially drop the numbering scheme from the product lineup. While the new device retains the design and form factor of its predecessor, the Surface Pro 4, it still packs a few new features that Surface users have been waiting for.

Do you like the option of having built-in LTE in the new Surface Pro? Overnight in Shanghai, Microsoft has announced the latest version of the Surface Pro, which will simply be called the Surface Pro as opposed to the Surface Pro 5 that it might have been called, and if the company is to be believed, this one won't run itself into the ground inside your bag. Customers beginning Tuesday can preorder the Surface Pro, which will be available June 15 in the US and 25 other markets around the world. There's nimble Intel Core i7 model for fast processing, and lighter Intel M3 and i5 models that don't use a fan inside the case.

"This is a powerhouse laptop with 2.5 times more computing performance than the Surface Pro 3 and 1.7 times the compute of iPad Pro", says Microsoft.

Microsoft is now referring to to the Surface Pro as a "laptop".

The other new addition to the Surface Pro is LTE Advanced support, by way of an eSIM or a micro SIM card. Oh, and those who want USB-C connectivity can buy a dongle to make that work. The device comes with a 12.3-inch PixelSense display and has a better keyboard made of Alcantara fabric. It means you can choose between more power or a lighter, quieter design.

On the exterior, the Surface Pro retains a single USB 3.0 port, Mini DisplayPort, 3.5mm headphone jack and the Surface Connect port. Microsoft still seems to allergic to USB-C, so you won't find that new port (or even Thunderbolt 3) on the Surface Pro.

Surface Pro 4 with 6th Gen Intel Core i5, 128GB SSD and 4GB RAM for is now available for $849. This in comparison to last year's Surface Pro 4 is much responsive stylus, because the Surface Pen that shipped with Surface Pro 4 could detect 1024 points of pressure.

It will begin shipping on June 15.

As far as the release date for the new Surface Pro, Microsoft said it would start shipping in the United States on June 15, and pre-orders have begun now. Our guess is that the company is not going to be too generous and will charge a premium for this accessory, just like it is doing with the Surface Pen and Type Cover.