Android O update your graphics drivers in the Play Store

Google's developers say that Android Go is not a separate kind of Android.

Though we have already used this function but with Android O it is more simplified. It had launched Android One with the same intention of offering cheap Android smartphone devices, but did not see much success.

Android O Beta Google showcased Android O which is now globally available as part of Android O Beta Program. Existing devices updating to Android O won't get Project Treble, but any new devices launched with Android O will be required to have Project Treble - or as Mr Burke put it they'll be "Trebelised".

As of a year ago, Pixel is Google's jam. With new partners like Emporio Armani, Movado and New Balance, Android wear now powers nearly 50 different watches. Instead, Go devices will have the same operating system. The company revealed the system at the Google I/O conference. Google declared the Language app Memrise, the best app of past year. And Gboard, Google's excellent virtual keyboard, has been updated to support multiple languages and transliteration.

Some people also thought that the Android version of Go Devices will be different.

So, potentially longer device life span of devices is good but the modular design of Android with Project Treble that will let OEMs update faster. As such, users will be able to continue watching a video on YouTube or Netflix without any interruptions while accessing other apps on the phone.

Lastly, Android O will be a boon for Bluetooth keyboard users and Pixel users as it has improved this feature and now there will be more shortcuts keys so you can work effectively. The Android Go is a stripped version of Andriod O, except it is optimised to run on low-memory, consume less storage space and data. There is also a chance for this graphics drivers update to increase Vulkan support and less popular devices could potentially gain better graphics as a result. It's about making Android leaner and more efficient for everyone.

Apple CEO Tim Cook famously said, "Android fragmentation turning devices into a toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities". With this, Google Play Protect essentially educates users on how to keep their systems safe and protected. For this, Google has introduced a new section named Device Catalog under Release management.

Speculation about the cause of these delays was correct in the broad strokes: The work of integrating Androids apps with Chromebook proved to be far more hard than Google had originally expected.

But the end result will be an Android experience that will seamlessly cause fewer performance hiccups, and fewer accidental data cap overages. However, it may not be so inconvenient for entry-level device users; in fact, it makes more sense. The reason? Android integration with Chromebook. Once the code is in the hands of external vendors, all bets are off. Just because Google can do it doesn't mean it will.