How the All-NBA teams will affect numerous league's stars

  • How the All-NBA teams will affect numerous league's stars

How the All-NBA teams will affect numerous league's stars

If not picks, then young players, which the Lakers have an abundance of, but can't let go if they want to remain competitive enough to convince George to sign with them.

Two significant developments in the last 24 hours when it comes to Indiana Pacers four-time All-Star forward Paul George. Hayward averaged 21.9 points per game along with 5.4 rebounds and 3.5 assists.

There have been so many reports linking Paul George to the Lakers that it's hard to keep track of all of them.

While George still has another year before he needs to make any major decision about his future, the talk continues to rumble on.

That means Los Angeles could be proactive by putting together a package to trade for George, or it could play the waiting game and hope he hits the open market as expected. If any of the players mentioned above make the All-NBA team next season they can still sign the DPA.

The Atlanta Hawks offered four first round picks to the Indiana Pacers in exchange for Paul George at the trade deadline. There has been no indication about whether George will make the All-NBA team, but many think he will end up missing.

But George and Hayward missing benchmarks now buys the rest of the NBA's teams time to figure out how they can be a part of a deal that gets them elsewhere, or how they can make space to sign them outright.

"But after making it all the way back from his horrific leg break in the summer of 2014, and threatening to unseat the great LeBron James in those back-to-back Heat-Pacers conference finals, George finds himself more focused on legacy than ever". "We battled and our bullpen did an unbelievable job to give us the opportunity to win the ballgame and we're grateful for that". "Whether they list him as an All-Pro [or not], he's an All-Pro for us". If he doesn't become a designated player exception candidate by then, the Pacers could potentially lose him for nothing. That gives Denver a better chance, however little of one it might be, to secure one of those players in free agency or through a trade. Gordon Hayward is one name that has come up, although there are other players in free agency that could take the Pacers to the next level as well.

Now if Paul George is out of the question as a future Cav, instead Carmelo Anthony could be lured away from the New York Knicks. Will he leave IN to head back to Los Angeles?