Canadian creates a Spicer cutout to place in your bushes

  • Canadian creates a Spicer cutout to place in your bushes

Canadian creates a Spicer cutout to place in your bushes

The media is now abuzz with rumors that Trump, unhappy with the outrage over his firing of Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, might order Spicer to clean out his desk.

The paper did not clarify who suggested the correction or what the difference is between standing "in" a hedge versus standing "among" a hedge. He emerged several minutes later to take questions from the reporters standing between him and his office.

"I've talked to the president and the president has nothing further to add to that", Spicer said. "We took the information we had as best we have it and got it out to the American people as quickly as we could".

Um, didn't you JUST say this morning that Trump fired Comey not because of his own misgivings but because he got a recommendation from the Attorney General and "made a quick and decisive action"? According to those present, getting back inside the White House and into his office presented Spicer with a bit of a thorny problem.

Trump is specifically eyeing a crackdown on his communications team over anger at the number of leaks that have been spilling out of the White House.

But according to sources close to the White House, being the administration's top spokesperson is a job no one is excited to fill.

"That is not accurate", McCabe said, adding that Comey "enjoyed broad support in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and still does to this day". Along with that memo, Sean Spicer claimed that Trump also received a letter from Attorney General Jeff Sessions recommending that James Comey be fired, which happened within hours. As Spicer's contentious and parodied exchanges with reporters attest, the idea also never came to pass.

In Thursday's White House daily briefing, Deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held her own in another pitch-hit appearance for Sean Spicer, tussling with ABC chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl over the timeline for James Comey's ouster from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

"It was all [Rosenstein]". "I don't see that as an issue", Sanders said. "That was a DOJ decision". "I'm not sure he knows the answer to that yet".

Ultimately, the briefings remained in the James S. Brady Briefing Room, but Spicer upset some traditional media by spreading questions to relative newcomers to the media landscape. Trump/Baldwin responded, "Only since you started working here". He wants to be clear: He was merely hiding among said bushes.