Are pregnancy, rape pre-existing conditions?

  • Are pregnancy, rape pre-existing conditions?

Are pregnancy, rape pre-existing conditions?

You can also donate to an organization like NARAL or Planned Parenthood that's fighting against the bill.

The Republican push to replace the Affordable Care Act comes as more insurers drop out of the program or curb their participation for 2018.

Twitter users began tweeting under the #IAmAPreexistingCondition hashtag, to list the conditions they had that would make it hard for them to get affordable insurance coverage.

States would be given $138 billion over 10 years to use for subsidizing premiums, providing coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, and paying for mental health care and drug addiction treatment.

Lisa Desjardins and Julie Rovner of Kaiser Health News join Hari Sreenivasan to discuss how coverage and cost would change, and how the bill is likely to fare in the Senate.

"Recent changes did not address fundamental concerns about the bill's impact on the 650,000 individuals that are part of our Medicaid expansion population, nor have those changes eased the concerns of the 350,000 people in the individual market who are dealing with skyrocketing premiums and fewer choices", Rauner said Thursday in a statement.

But despite holding the White House and controlling both Houses of Congress, Republicans have found overturning Obamacare politically perilous, partly because of voter fears, angrily expressed at their constituents' townhall meetings, that many people would lose their health insurance as a result. For example, if someone sees a therapist because they have been raped, the condition that the therapist treats might be considered pre-existing but the rape would not.

Repealing and replacing Obamacare was a Trump promise on the campaign trail.

Consider: The Better Way plan was created to bring down the cost of insurance for younger, healthier Americans by letting insurers charge more to the sick and old, while offering Americans universal tax credits to buy coverage. Here's what the GOP health care bill could mean for Latinas. "I can't not have coverage for my multiple sclerosis".

Moderate New Jersey Republican Tom MacArthur worked with members of the conservative Freedom Caucus to come up with an amendment to the GOP's American Health Care Act that allows states to seek waivers from Obamacare requirements, including on coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. 'We are going to get this passed through the Senate. But even if they do, this was the biggest vote facing Republicans so far in this Congress, and they failed.

In the more than 30 states that had high-risk pools, net losses piled up to more than $1.2 billion in 2011, the high point of the pools before the Affordable Care Act took full effect. School-based health services are mandated on the states and those mandates do not cease simply because Medicaid funds are capped by the AHCA.

Plus, high-risk pools are historically inadequate. They say it has also hurt large employers by requiring that they provide affordable health insurance coverage to full-time employees, among other problems. All the Democrats and a handful of Republicans voted against the Bill.

"This gets complicated fast", Avalere President Dan Mendelson said. Second, the government would fund high-risk pools of subsidized insurance to cover those otherwise shut out of the individual market (unfortunately, high-risk pools have a awful track record, as they tend to be underfunded). But experts say the bill, as written, probably won't do that in Texas. Also, federal auditors have not had time to analyze the plan. People are going to lose health coverage and they think this is a party? Or they may face annual or lifetime caps on reimbursement or be forced into high-deductible plans where they can not afford to pay the deductibles.

"If any senator's got a better idea, I wish them well", House Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana told MSNBC on Friday.